Straight Smiles Israel is committed to creating the most perfect smile possible for every patient. In order to accomplish that, a variety of techniques are employed. Being fully proficient in the most advanced techniques of orthodontics allows us to handle complex cases with confidence knowing that the patient will be smiling proudly when we are finished.

Dental Assistant

Free Consultation

Often, when a patient is looking for the best care, they will seek multiple opinions from different doctors. At Straight Smiles Israel there is no fee for an initial consultation, nor does this obligate the patient to continue treatment with us. Upon request, a patient can be provided with phone numbers of other patients who have given their consent to be contacted in order to describe their experience with us.


Highly Competent Referrals

In the event that there is preliminary dental work to be done before beginning orthodontic treatment, we refer the work only to dentists that we know to be competent from personal work experience. Preliminary work can be anything from a filling to a surgical procedure to expose an impacted canine. In any case, the patient will be given clear instructions as to what needs to be done and how best to do it in order to be best prepared for their clear aligner treatment.

Digital Treatment Simulation

Some patients are more inquisitive and want to understand exactly what is going to happen to their teeth before they commit to anything. For these patients, we can create a digital simulation of the entire prescribed treatment plan so they can see for themselves exactly how their teeth will be moved throughout the process. Once a patient sees a digital simulation of how their smile will be straightened, they will generally not only be less hesitant but actually excited about the process they are about to begin. The small fee which we charge for this service is subsequently deducted from the cost of the treatment.


Misplaced Aligner Guarantee

At some point during treatment, a patient may misplace their aligner. This is understandable as they are made to be completely transparent. What usually happens is that the patient will nervously phone or message the clinic’s 24-hour helpline assuming that they will have to pay a hefty fee for replacing a medical appliance. Our response: we can order a replacement aligner and have it delivered to your door, anywhere in the country, in as little as 24 hours for a fee which leaves you asking-that’s it? Our answer-yes that’s is. We only charge you what the materials and delivery cost us. We would find it simply unfair to make money from your completely understandable mishap.